How personality can affect your Success!

 Image How personality can affect your Success. A person’s personality is many times overlooked on how it can actually become a huge effect on your Success and life. When looking for Success. It may sound crazy, but it requires a specific personality in order for it to really be achieved. Think about who can really succeed with an attitude that fails?


      What type of attitude is good for Success? The attitude that is good for Success is an attitude that always thinks Success. An attitude that never doubts their future with negativity. Success all starts with a thought and/or dream. It starts with the thought of being something great or doing something great. Makes sense? An attitude shaped for Success also motivates as well. When you think successful. You’re more likely to work more towards goals. You’re more likely to work towards goals because there is no doubt of failure. You know that you’re going to make it where you need to go. A personality shaped for Success also thinks and sees Success. The person with this attitude only hangs out with people like-minded. So I’m going to need to ask yourself a question. Do your friends have a positive influence on you? A person who always thinks Success also puts Success in front of anything when needed. When you want to be successful with something. You have to be dedicated one hundred percent. Which means any time that you have to dedicate to your goals you take and any opportunity that comes around that will help you towards your goals you take with no exceptions or excuses. Also last but definitely not least. The attitude of a successful minded person wants to accomplish that goal more than they even want to breath. I can second the fact that if you want change or Success that badly you will get it no doubt. For example using myself. I was working two jobs and was making no money and wasn’t able to afford all the bills that I had. I was tired of trading 60-70 hours weekly to barely afford what I needed. The point that I realized that I was tired of no sleep and an empty wallet was the same exact point that I wanted change more than anything. This was about six months ago when I started to notice a lot of the “Work at home” and “Be your own boss” advertisements. That is the point when I spoke to a high school friend and wanted to get on top of it. As nervous as I was to invest into something that I didn’t know the outcome of. I stopped and looked at him. I saw a gentleman that was no longer working a 9-5 but working from his smartphone and laptop. I didn’t see guarantee but I saw possibility and that was the important part. Nothing in life is guaranteed unfortunately. But why would that stop you from change anyway?


     Lets get into the negative minded person. Let me just say now. If this describes you, I apologize but at the same time I don’t because if you have a mindset like what i’m about to describe you need to change and its no excuse that you shouldn’t. A negative minded person will not find Success if they don’t change. Unlike a Success minded person, they don’t believe it is possible. Living a dream or even having a lot of money can come off as a dream in “ la la land “. You know the impossible dream. Since they think like that. They would not be willing to change to better themselves if the opportunity came around. Now this may sound crazy or unbelieveable but once my mindset changed and I started really chasing the goals truly wanted. It helped me point out the negative minded people quickly. If you’re successful minded or happen to become in the future you can and will relate. When I started talking and breathing success the negative minded people get annoyed and irritated hearing you talk. It is actually pretty funny. I had a good friend. Long story short, I never really knew his mindset until I got serious in marketing. We were in Red Lobster and it was the best of both worlds. With a total of ten people it was divided six marketers including myself and four that weren’t including the good friend. Now not everybody is going to want to do marketing. My opinion everyone should but anyways. As we were at the table waiting on the food. One of marketing buddies brought up the conversation about what we do and everybody was interested in the conversation but him. He quickly got quiet. After it started he suddenly got irritated I asked him what the problem was. He did not reply at all. Five minutes later. He gets up and walk out. Weird? Very. The weirdest part?  He never left. He just sat in the car and waited for us to finish. How is it that someone who had a good attitude all day all of sudden gets irritated when people talk about dreams and goals? You will know that you think a thousand percent Success when you repel negative minded people. It is weird but a great blessing when you think big like that.


      From reading this it should give you an idea of how big of a deal these personalities can effect or affect your Success. If you really want to be something in life. You have to go for it no matter what. You also need to have the right mindset as well. Now the big question is. What mindset do you have?


      If you choose took the time out to read this and made a decision. Contact me! I want to know what your goals are. I want to connect with like minded people all over the globe.


Thanks for reading! Remember, always think Success


 To all your success,

                Gilbert Robinson



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