Long Island City, New York

Bio: How's it going my name is Gilbert Robinson. I'm 22 years old from Long Island NY. I was working in the automotive field as well as being a valet (two jobs). It was stressing and the hardest part was trying to accept where I was at in life at that point. I went to automotive school in Philadelphia PA for two years and was told that I would make great money and it would be the best career of my life and etc. Just to find out that I would be making little money and wind up being tied down to a stressful environment of people who were very unhappy with their positions in life. But there was one difference I had that these people didn't have. I was willing to find a way out. I was always the person who never settled for something I wasn't happy with. At this point of my life I was looking to do anything but not everything to leave the automotive field for another way of success. College and trade schools were getting more and more expensive by the day. So if I planned on going to college it would of been long after I paid off my current school. It was a tough predicament to be in. Then a friend of mines introduced me to Network Marketing. As the typical person I thought the main word you would hear. "SCAM" lol. But he was a good friend so I took his word for it and paid the little bit of money that Empower Network asked for. After watching the videos and seeing the vision it was holding inside of it. I immediately felt a huge sign of relief and motivation instantly. Since then which was two months from today 9-19-13. I have quit both my jobs and turned out to make a residual income at home. The best part about is that i'm my own boss and I work on my own time. A lot of people see this as a hard chance to take. Well, to be honest it takes sacrifices and risks to get to the gold and riches. You have to believe that you deserve it more than anything. Make the decision for yourself and find the life you always wanted and deserved. Stand out from the crowd and make a change.

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